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I've just seen a Muntjac deer in my garden. It was absolutely beautiful!
It just stood, for what seemed like a long time, but was probably only fifteen to twenty seconds, looking right back at me. My Westie saw it too, and amazingly, it seemed to stun her into silence, I wish that happened more often :lol:


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    Oh how lovely :D

    I'm not good on deer species but we, and a medium-sized one, all had narrow escapes when it shot out of some bushes in front of our car on a quiet Scottish road. It missed us / we missed it by seconds as it leapt straight over the road and into more bushes.
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    Gosh what a sight that must have been Numpty and in your back garden, at least the dogs gob was shut for while :lol: it reminds me of the time when I was visiting my uncle in Sweden he took us for a drive one day into the hills and we came across an elk majestically standing at the side of the road what a sight that was........................isn't nature wonderful xx
  • Numptydumpty
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    Aaah yes, that's the difference between the Lincolnshire Fens and Sweden, Muntjac's and Elks :lol:
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    Oh wonderful, my sister has them inspecting her garden in Cambridge and when she lived in Bath (our home town) Roedeer used to use her garden as a meeting place, I have a lovely picture of one eating the fallen apples.
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    My mum had Muntjac as regular visitors and I clearly remember seeing one wandering in the greenery between the Waitrose car park and the station in Beaconsfield (where mum lived, but not in the car park :wink: ). DD

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