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I don't normally contribute to our 'obit' threads as they're usually about 'celebrities' about whom I either know nothing or else know only what has been filtered through the media.

I guess that would also apply to Ann Maguire but at least what has been broadcast is from 'real people' with no axe to grind and no-one to impress.

What does impress me is that she seems to have been a very ordinary lady who led a very ordinary life extraordinarily well and, in doing so, made other lives better.

The two quotes that linger, both from past pupils, are:

1. The lad who said he was no good at Spanish but she still made him feel an important part of the class.

2. The lad who wrote simply 'RIP Mrs Maguire. I've stopped winging it now.'

A life well-lived. May she rest in peace.


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    SW I to watched the interviews and was so impressed at how loved the teacher was. and a proper teacher that went out of her way to help the children,the little boy that was on a couple of time's, when he ended up saying bless Mrs Maguire.. :)
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    She sounds to have been a remarkable teacher, the kind who makes a real difference to their pupils' lives. The words 'trauma', 'ordeal' and 'tragic' are bandied about far too freely nowadays but, in this case, I think all three are justified. Trauma for the pupils and her family, ordeal for those who witnessed the event and tragic for her. What a dreadful end to a worthy life. DD
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    I was so shocked that a 15yr old boy could do such a totally horrific thing. And was also a pupil at that school. It was lovely to see that the pupils really did love her and that none of them had a bad word to say about her, not like when I was at school and wrote things on the toilet door about certain teachers!!
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    ** not like when I was at school and wrote things on the toilet door about certain teachers!!**

    Oh Bubba, I'm shocked at your admission! :wink:

    I must say all the responses from the people interviewed seemed so very genuine, such a sad time for them.

    I'll be interested to hear the reason given by the 15yr old,

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