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Hi all
Havn't posted much lately been quite busy but hope everyone is as well as possible. I have some good news, I have a job! I work as a progress coach. I basically help people with barriers (health/confidence/housing etc.) to get back into work. I am enjoying it. Arthritis is still there ( what's new). But job suits me as shorter days and part time hours. Plus i love chatting to people :lol:.

A year or so ago I never thought I would be in this position so hope this gives some hope to those struggling with arthritis that things can change and with some determination/changes things are possible. Arthritis is getting suitably ignored :lol: .


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    Hello kittkat
    Its lovely to hear good news, a new job is at the top of the list, I really do wish you well in in and please let us know how its going from time to time..sounds very interesting..x
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    It's lovely to read something positive, thank you :)

    Congratulations on finding a job :D That it's one you enjoy & it fits around your needs is fantastic, Can't ask for more than that :wink:

    I'm really happy for you.


    Xxx xxX
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    Congratulations, you sound so excited and positive.
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    I knew everyone would be pleased :D We do need the good news to add a bit of balance. Please keep us in the loop.
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    Excellent! Good for you girl, it's very good news indeed so keep up the good work. :wink: DD
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    Elna likes this. :D:D

    I wish you all the very best. Sounds a really interesting job.
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    That is great news. Well done you!
    Fortuna :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Brilliant news, well done you have put a big smile on my face..........Marie xx
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    Good for you kitkat! It's nice to hear good news especially when it's someone being able to get back to work and give Arther the 'V's' Glad your enjoying it.
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    Hey.... That's great news. Good luck in the new job :D
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    Great news! x
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    Thanks all :) x
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    It's lovely to read a happy story ! Thanks for sharing it with us :D