nice surprise

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checked my bank balance today and had two unexpected payments from dwp esa one for £500 and one for £700 nearly fell off my chair. I rang to find out what was going on and apparently £500 was tax beck and £700 was backpay for esa and even better the lady told me I have been put in the support group for 3 years so I can at least have piece of mind for the future and get on with my arthur life without having to go to jobcentre appointments. I presume a letter will arrive at some point explaining how this

was decided but meanwhile I will enjoy a stressfree bank holiday. My journey through the benefit system has come to an end for the time being it only took 8 months.


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    Good result brandy192
    you must be relieved its all sorted out,and put into support group.
    mike26. :roll:
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    thanks mike i am very relieved I was just about at the end of my tether with the dwp its put my faith back in the system a little bit.
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    Oh that is good news, I am so pleased for you and it must be a strain off your mind. I hope you enjoy your new-found relaxation! :) DD
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    That's great news .