Another joint has joined the party

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Well, now the right hip has been welcomed to the 'dodgy joints club' that I host. Well I think it has.
My right hip is very very stiff and doesn't want to move. I have a partial knee replacement right knee, (with OA in the remaining part of the bony section of that knee), a left knee that needs replacing, a left ankle that needs fusing and L4/L5 in my spine which need fusing as well as the disc inbetween L4/L5 being knackered.
I strongly suspect this is the first signs of my right hip starting to cause problems. It feels like I am trying to walk through toffee more than ever and I have the pain and stiffness down the outside of the hip.
I'd appreciate any thoughts from the 'hippies' on the forum as to whether this could be significant or not.
This isn't helped I don't think by a medication change from 50mg (x2)Tramadol up to 3x daily if needed to the 100mg slow release tramadol 2x daily. I can top up with paracetamol and the quick release tramadol as long as I don't go over 400mg Tramadol in a day. That may sound like a lot but I have had 6x Trammies a day and 6x 500mg paracetamol a day.
This awful condition will NOT beat me. I won't let it.
Let me know please.
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    Hello Grace
    Sorry you are hip started in my knee referred pain, then it went into my bum and down my thigh but later on it started in my groin and that was the worse bit, I had it replaces 10 months ago and that pain has gone but alas my back isn't good and my other hip is waiting to replaced so still on crutches...but glad I had it done..hope you get some help soon..
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    Oh bother. I am sorry to read this but I reckon this is what happens; once one joint is out of kilter we don't move as we 'should' so others are affected. I am not a doc but I reckon this may be what is going on with you, I know it has for me, my right hip 'went' in January 2013 and my left hip has been threatening for some time (and occasionally I thought had done its worst) but I have learned over the past couple of days (due to groin pain) that it was only shamming: it's now a fully-paid up member of my RJC (Rubbish Joints Club); in 2011 the NHS could have replaced two knees but said no, for apparently good reasons. :|

    I would like to meet an arthritic ortho (or rheumo) but feel confident that I won't. :wink:

    Oh GraceB, this ain't fair, yes? Keep fighting, the docs do what they can but sometimes that isn't enough. I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben