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Hi all

I know someone talked about burning skin earlier on, but I wondered if anyone has this problem: I've had burning on the top of my feet for about 2-3 months and swelling of my ankles now, and it's now affecting my knees. The more I walk or stand the worse they become. My toes on top and underneath also hurt, this seems to be a different pain. My knees get red and hot as the day goes on, but mostly when I get up the swelling and redness are not there.

My last blood tests were fine, but I also have painful and swollen fingers on my left hand and I cannot turn my head when I wake up. this does get better as the day goes on, but never completely fine.

My consultant and GP seem to think that as my bloods were ok then everything else is ok. Things have been grumbling on since before Christmas, and I feel that I'm having to put my life on hold. I have to pace myself through the day or the pain gets too much, and when I'm in bed it's unbearable.

I've been on Enbrel for about 7 years, and wonder how effective it is now.

Can anyone help me to sort out what could be wrong?


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    Hi lynnoot;

    It sounds to me that your rheum needs to take a second look at how severe your symptoms are and how much your life is affected. The bigger clinical picture involves the patient's symptoms and quality of life, not just your blood values.

    I would re-visit your rheum with symptoms reported just as you have here. Maybe they will re-consider Enbrel's effectiveness for you.

    Take care of yourself.
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    Sorry I can't really help as it is OA I have, but, when your joints are flaring take some photos and you have proof when you next see your consultant.....................Marie x
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    Now and again my knee's down to my feet will get really hot and red, my skin feels so hot you could fry an egg on them! It only lasts around half an hour then eases off. My G.P and Rhummy Nurse know about it but has never suggested anything for it or if it's something to worry about. But as yours is continuous I think you need to see your rhummy nurse or consultant A.S.A.P.
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    Thanks for your replies, it does help to know others have the same problems.

    My physio has given me some exercises for my feet, I feel it won't do much good but I'm giving them a go. Then if I feel the same I'll get in touch with the hospital.

    The hospital are so focused on blood results, they don't seem to take account of other symptoms you may have.