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I had my hip replacement in January which went fine, however I have been left with one leg being shorter than the other leaving me with the severe lower back pain I had before the operation. I have just started physio after a long fight to get it and also the consultant has said that he would refer me to have shoe raisers fitted which is not until the middle of June. What exactly are these and do they have to be fitted to each shoe that I have as I wear a variety of shoes.
I am severely depressed with this and the exercises do not appear to be working as do not the painkillers. I was told that after the operation I would be out of pain, which I am not, due to my back pain and not being able to walk for more than 10 minutes. Can you please help me as I am beginning to think was it worth it.


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    Hi 13Pkn4sMH,

    Thanks for your post to Helplines. I'm sorry to hear that you are in pain at the moment. I can appreciate that you've gone through a lot of effort and change to go ahead and have this surgery, and that at the moment it's not the straightforward surgical recovery you'd envisaged.

    On the technical point of shoe raisers I'd imagine you'll need to check with people who are medically qualified to find out how other people deal with multiple pairs of shoes.

    I'm aware that when you are tackling a situation that's less straightforward you may need to deal with the self management tasks systematically - and try to count off one by one as you begin to make headway. I do realise that physiotherapy is a long haul - and it only works when you give it time - and it does involve a fair bit of trial and error. A routine tends to be useful. As I hate sport it's when the sport is on the radio that I have to do my exercises. But you will have your own idea I'm sure. And if you are fed up about it, you can always tell us.

    On the mood front I'd really encourage you to ring us for some support. We produce some information about emotions and arthritis. If you email us at we'd be happy to post it to you. But if you do feel like sharing what's going on we are here to listen.

    I hope we can help further.

    all the best