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And it all started so well. Went to bed, felt relaxed, no pain, dozed off and then two hours later work up with grinding and aching shoulders. Got up to make a cuppa and get my kindle and decided to declare the night cafe open. Worst of all I have to be up and dressed by 7.00 in the morning as I have a delivery coming between then and mid day.
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    Oh, been there and done that so many times. I now no longer worry about being dressed for morning deliveries etc; sometimes it takes me while to get going so if I'm in my jarmies or nighty and gown so be it. I'm covered up, ergo decent. :wink:

    After a while of dealing with this malarkey you learn what truly matters in life and what doesn't. My list of things that matter has shrunk over the past seventeen years but still included is cooking (ugh), ironing (also ugh but I only do my husband's stuff on the bad days) and getting out in the car whenever possible (hurray!). I have allocated the chore of moving dust around the house to a cleaner but can still do the odd thing when I feel like it; I need to do the inside of the windows today as the window cleaner came yesterday at around 4pm (I was in my nighty and gown for coolth and comfort) so I must do the insides. I might. :wink: DD
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    There used to be a thread on Chit Chat called - if I remember correctly - 'Night owls and early birds'. It hasn't been used for some long time though. If you think it'd be a good idea to have one on here, Slosh, just keep going with it. people will cotton on in time and it might prove useful to many.
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    Hello Slosh I was going to say we used to have a night cafe...but SW beat me to it, I was sat reading at 3this morning I find that it sends me sleepy again ..
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    I've lost count of the times I've woken up in the middle of the night made a cuppa read my kindle and even watched rubbish on tv but I'm an early bird as well and very rarely stay in bed after 6am. I think the early bird thing is habit though from way back before I retired.
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    reading works for me too Barbara. However I'm the opposite nowadays and always asleep day and night.

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