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Over the past few days I have watched two incredible films both of which made me cry with shame. The first one was The Railway Man and the second one was The Butler. How can people treat each other like that. I really recommend both films as they make you really think and were beautifully made. I love books (see my thoughts on the Book Club strand) but these two films were on a level with any book (very strong praise from me). I am not the best to recommend this because my OH makes me watch crap most of the time, but we should perhaps have a Film Theme as well as a book one????


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    Tubby, I think your on to a good idea there! Maybe you should start up a film club, and run it similar to The Book Club.
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    I like books and have a rather large collection mostly about first person accounts of combat, I find most films based on books aren't much cop, the worst one Ive seen was air america, the book is more a documentary the film was a total farce, an insult to the author if you ask me.
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    I do read but it has to be non fiction and have read a lot about the holocaust..but a film I do want to see think it hits the screens this week is the free about the Holocaust and a Muslim that saved many Jews by hiding them in a Mosque..but I think it might be in French... :roll:
    I have seen the butler Tubby a brilliant I will have a look for the railwayman
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    A grand idea ,Oh did anyone see Generation War ... ran over 4 weekends german subtitles ?..I enjoyed it
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    Pacific Rim

    It's one of these over the top disaster movies, made in the future. I would say it's a cross between Transformers and Godzilla! It was very far fetched but enjoyable. I enjoyed it because I love these sorts of movies but my OH hated it! So in our household the vote was split. There wasn't really any storyline to it just full on action trying to save the world. It was O.K for a Saturday night movie.

    Actors:- Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Diego Klattenhoff, Rinco Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Ron Perlman, Max Martini, Robert Kazinsky

    Rating:- ****
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    Yes, Tubby I too really enjoyed The Railway Man. Was a bit sceptical about Colin Firth playing a serious male lead but he did a great job and I really believed in his performance. Didn't care for Nicole Kidman though. What a story! I went and bought the book a few days later. Its a good read too.

    Like the idea of a film club! I only ever seem to discuss movies I've seen with DH but would like to share thoughts with others.

    A film I would recommend is the Dallas Buyers Club. Oscars were deserved by all those who had won it for their parts in this film. American Hustle was good too!
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    Pacific Rim is a really good one!

    I don't get to see movies very often. I really wish I did..... So I will have to settle for reading your reviews and pretending I got to see it :D. At least I know what to watch when it is finally shown on television.

    I really want to see the documentary Fed Up. Has anyone seen that one yet?