chills is this arthritis???

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Hi, I have osteoarthritis, inflammatory and fibro. I have mentioned this to GP who noted it. When Ive finished work and I stop. I start to shiver and a chill comes over me, then I go so cold. I can't get warm at all. It feels like my body goes into shut down, making me rest, I have to go to bed. Then eventually hours later I warm up and my hands and feet burn. Is this just a sign of the condition and me over doing it? Its quite scary, it makes me very low. Have had full bloods kidney, liver and heart all o.k. sugar level fine. Thanks Nic


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    Hi Nic;

    I get this too, usually when I get too fatigued, or otherwise stressed. I have PsA, Raynaud's plus an undiagnosed neuropathy. Have you had this before or is it possible you are coming down with a virus? I know mine relate to my inflammatory illness and when I feel like this, I know I'm overdoing things and need to rest.

    What kind of inflammatory arthritis do you have? Some of them, like Lupus, can cause fevers.

    I'm not a helpline person, btw just a forum member.

    Take care of yourself, stay warm.
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    Thanks Anna, inflammatory osteoarthritis, however have only been seeing a rheumatologist in the last 9months so early days on diagnosis. Yes this happens regularly at least twice a week. thanks for the post good to know I'm not going mad. Looks like I'm over doing it. Never have been very good at pacing myself. Kinda of an all or nothing gal. You know the type try and do everything while the going is good as don't do anything when the joints lock and refuse to budge. Many thanks Nic.
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    If I begin to feel really cold and whatever I do I cannot get warm I go to bed. After one hour's sleep I feel so much better and am no longer cold. I have OA.

    Elna x
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    Hi Nicnac
    Thank you for your forum posting, I’m sorry to hear the shivers and chills that come over you feel like ‘your body goes into shut down’. You ask if this is a symptom of your condition and are you overdoing it.
    You say that you have mentioned it to your GP, I’m wondering if you see a rheumatologist, and if you do maybe this is something you could discuss with him/her or a rheumatology nurse.
    We are not medically trained on the Helplines and are unable to offer individual medical advice.

    It looks like you have had some helpful responses from other forum members, which leaves me little to add.
    You mention it being quite scary and it making you feel very low. Nicnac I wonder if you would like to give us a ring on our Helplines: 0808 800 4050 (Monday-Friday 10-4) here we can talk informally and in confidence, sometimes a listening non-judgemental ear can be helpful.

    Best wishes