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Hi, I am 19 years old and would like some advice on having my bones fused together. I have OA in both my big toes. When I went to romotoligy they said there is not much they can do because they do not want to put me on drugs so early in my life. I had my first injection a couple of weeks ago and it has got rid of a lot of the pain. The other option I have is to get my bones fused together. Does anyone know what this includes? I would like to go and do musical theatre at university in September. If I get them fused together could I still dance and do activities? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I think you really need to talk to an orthopaedic foot surgeon. They are the people who do these ops so they are the ones who can tell you just what will / won't be possible after such an op. My guess is that they will be happy to outline anything that will not be possible but less willing to assert what will be as there are never guarantees with surgery. I hope you can follow your chosen course but it might be a good idea to think laterally about something similar but which would require less of you physically.
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