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Hi, I am 19 years old and would like some advice on having my bones fused together. I have OA in both my big toes. When I went to romotoligy they said there is not much they can do because they do not want to put me on drugs so early in my life. I had my first injection a couple of weeks ago and it has got rid of a lot of the pain. The other option I have is to get my bones fused together. Does anyone know what this includes? I would like to go and do musical theatre at university in September. If I get them fused together could I still dance and do activities? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Oh lovey..I wish I could give you some answers, we do have a few people on the forum that had had bones fused in there feet, I will try and track one down for you, what I do know is that everyone is different with surgery, and meds come to that .....I think people are enjoying the sun instead of coming on the forum.. :) sorry I forgot to say welcome to the forum..if you type fused feet bones in the search at the top of the forum hopefully something will come up x
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    I've had triple fusions on both feet and I'm soon going to have my midfoot fused on my left.

    When I had my last fusion surgery, the women next to me on the ward had had both big toes fused and she said walking was no different but I'm not too sure about dancing.

    I'm in to a lot of sport, mainly watersports and even tho I have very little movement now, I can still do all my watersports.

    Pain wise, I've learnt to adapt doing things so I can continue to do the sport I love.

    I'm 27 years old but first got told I had joint problems at the age of 22 years old :)
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    Really triple fusion? How do you cope with the fusion? How much have you had to adapt?? Is there anything you can not do?? Oh gosh 22 is young as well, I have had pain in my feet for at least 4 years but only been diagnosed with OA recently. Thank you for posting :)

    Thank you Barbara for helping find someone. I will search that tomorrow on my laptop :)