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Hi, I am 19 years old and would like some advice on having my bones fused together. I have OA in both my big toes. When I went to romotoligy they said there is not much they can do because they do not want to put me on drugs so early in my life. I had my first injection a couple of weeks ago and it has got rid of a lot of the pain. The other option I have is to get my bones fused together. Does anyone know what this includes? I would like to go and do musical theatre at university in September. If I get them fused together could I still dance and do activities? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hi hannah19

    Thanks for your post. You said your post doesn’t come up on the forum, but as well as this private message we have seen your post on ‘Chat to Helplines’ – so I’ll post this reply there too. You might also find it helpful to post on the ‘Living with arthritis’ strand which is really popular with forum users.

    It sounds like you’re having a tough time trying to decide on your options. While it’s positive that the injections have helped with the pain, you said the specialist has advised that you don’t start on medication yet – and you’re wondering about the longer-term and whether to opt for a bone fusion operation on your toes.

    On the Helpline we’re not medically trained, and we’re unable to provide individual advice on the possible benefits and risks of an operation. The fusion operation is known as arthrodesis, and there’s some information on this in our factsheet on Osteoarthritis of the foot – please click on the link below and scroll down:

    It sounds like you might benefit from more details about the operation from a specialist. I’m wondering if you feel you could raise this with your GP or with the rheumatologist, asking them to put you in touch with a surgeon who performs the fusion operation? For example, you could ask the surgeon about the pros and cons, and you could discuss your plans for studying dance, and get their expert opinion.
    You’re also very welcome to give us a call on The Source, our helpline for young people with arthritis. You could talk things through with us and get some support. We’re on: 0808 808 2000 (weekdays, 10 – 4).

    With best wishes
    Helpline Team
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    Hi Hannah

    I had a google and there are forums you could look at to get some idea of what others say about having both big toes fused. As you mention you wish to do musical theatre at university you may like to look at the following link:

    I would like to say that some of the postings are rather negative but as is often the case, those that find operations a success rarely comment on these forums.

    I wish you well,

    Elna (member of the forum)
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