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Hi everyone thought l would let you know how things are now, reading through my other posts I was really having a bad time, was depressed went to the doc,s saw a locam she was easy to talk to and she explained and had an answer for all questions l asked, things do improve. 10 weeks on l can walk better as my leg is not so swollen back of the knee, muscles feel tight, still use a stick for my balance, i can have a bath without to much bother, wash my hair and sleep on my side with the aid of a pillow ,and go out in the car now, it's amazing the things we take for granted, still taking riveroxaban blood thinners, and paracetamol and stemitil for giddy head, have a hospital appointment in july ( hope that goes better than last time ) so keeping my fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong, take care everyone and don't over do it jacky xx


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    Aww I am so pleased that things are improving for you,it can seem forever but it come really are doing well it took me awhile to get on my side , I will have to go through it again soon on the other hip :roll: ..good luck with your appointment will be thinking about you xx
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    Very good news, Jacky, and well done you for persevering :D Keep going and thanks for the update.
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    That is good news and I am pleased for you. If we stick at it we do get there but it can seem to take an age. It's odd, isn't it, the arthritis takes years to get to the point where new joints become an option but we want the healing to be done and dusted within a month. :wink:

    I'm trying to recall my recovery from the first synovectomy on nmy left knee (which turned out to be a much bigger op than my ortho surgeon was expecting). I think it was six weeks in bed (which took me to the middle of April) and then it was months of post-op physio (May to November) by which time the blasted knee was swelling again and the op was repeated the following June. :lol: DD
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