Crying walking doing a bit of sleeping and nearly talking

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Little dolls! Yep, that's where we are up to. It's been a while since I posted. March was a rubbish rubbish month. My beautiful Pomy, the gentlest and calmest of Dalmatians was diagnosed with arthritis on 1st march. Only it wasn't arthritis and sadly on 15th I had to hold his paw and let him go. It was peaceful and he had felt the sun on his back that week but it was still too fast and it still hurts. Eight days later our lovely cat followed Mr LV to the shop and ran out in front of a car :( nine days after that our parrot had a stroke and died.
It was an awful time.

April saw a pair of first birthdays! The girls had a lovely day at the zoo, ate lots of cake and thoroughly enjoyed being spoiled. Then we had burst eardrums, more teeth and those first few wobbly stands.

We have enjoyed a week on Cornwall and I managed to surf (with no style but hey, who was watching?!). Mr LV came home with two budgies for himself - I can't believe I can call myself a budgie owner. He went out late one night quite secretively and came home with Kamu, my little ginger kitten. It doesn't replace Pomy or Billie but she has stopped me crying a couple of times.

The girls are desperate to walk so my back hurts from all that bending over but I don't care. It's worth it. They are so much fun, so bright and cheeky, so happy and full of their little selves. I'm still loving being their mummy and getting more tired as they get more active. People kept saying it got easier when they got to one but it just gets busier trying to keep them from damaging themselves from climbing on things or experimenting with plug sockets...much fun.

One day I will get back on here properly. I very much miss you all and wonder how you all often. LV xx


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    Hi LV, how lovely to hear from you, I've often thought of you, and wondered how the forum twins were getting on. :D
    I'm so sorry you've had such rotten luck with your pets. I particularly empathise with the loss of your lovely Dalmation, having lost my beautiful Sidney in recent years, Dalmations really are "special" aren't they?
    I'm sorry to have missed the twins first birthday :oops: but I'm sure you all had a lovely day at the zoo.
    I'm not sure things get easier as your children get older, but things do change, and I remember enjoying each new "stage" of my daughter's lives, as much if not more than the previous one, so enjoy, and make the most of it, all too soon they will be young ladies ready to leave the nest.
    I know I don't really know you, but you come across as a lovely person, and a wonderful mum, I wish you and your family a happy future. Please keep in touch,
    Love Numpty x
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    L V your twins sound adorable such a busy time for you,I am desperately sorry about the beloved pets and hope the new kitty helps a little ,she will soon establish her place in your heart differently yes No less loved Marianne xx :(
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    Hello there :D I nearly missed this. How lovely to hear from you even if the the first paragraph is quite sad. I hope the new arrivals give much pleasure.

    A year old! Blimey! And 'those first wobbly steps'! Ah yes, some of us are still taking wobbly steps :lol: My grandson wobbled away from the skype camera one week and ran across the room the next – looking backwards to ensure everyone was impressed.

    I agree with Numpty. It doesn't get easier. In fact it gets harder to catch them. You will find that your two little lovelies, far from making allowances for your arthritis, will exploit their advantage to the full.

    Keep on having fun, LV. It's good for you :D
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    LV it so lovely to hear from you...I'm so say to hear about Peony ..they are part of the family and I know the feeling of losing a pet ..well quite a few and it never gets any easier..
    How lovely to hear about the girls..bless one year old..what I would give to see them :D but I can understand how bad your back is, this can be so hard till they start to walk properly they went to the zoo there little faces must have been pictures..and you surfing that is go girl
    So you now have a kitten and two budgies...hope they get on.. :lol: its was so nice of your hubby to buy it for you ..or was it because he bought the budgies and felt guilty.. :lol: you look after yourself and enjoy those little ones...xx
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    Lovely to hear from you LV, sad to hear about your beloved pets you get so attached to them.

    It is lovely to hear about the girls and how thy are coming on, it must be funny to listen to their gibberish conversations also how it must feel to see them trying to take their first tottering steps. I can't believe that's a year gone by already I can remember how excited we all were when they were born. You will through sheer grit and determination carry on and still enjoy your two breaths of fresh air...........................take care LV look forward to the next instalment hopefully all good................Marie xx
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    Hello Lv,

    You write super posts.
    You should keep them all especially those about your little
    princesses and after a couple of years or so, earlier if you've
    written loads, hire a competent editor, throw away the dross,
    and publish.
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    I cannot believe the girls are one already, how time flies! How are they finding life with a new kitty? You must be busy and no wonder you are tired when you're outnumbered 2 to 1. If you ever need a babysitter.....! :wink:

    My heart aches for you for the loss of your precious family members in such quick succession, our pets are so much more than just animals aren't they? (((LV)))
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    P.S. I agree that you write wonderfully, do you blog?
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    Good to see you again. What a terrible time you had in march. It's bad enough losing one pet. The twins sound wonderful. Time passes so quickly but it sounds as if you are enjoying every minute. How lovely of your husband to get you the kitten. Nothing can replace your lovely Pomy or Billy but Kamu will be one of the family.
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    Good to hear from you LV, loosing a pet is like loosing a family member because they are family members. And to loose 3 of them would be very hard. But you have Kamu now, by the way lovely name! And although she will never take the place of your other pets she will help mend your heart a little and keep you on your toes as well as your twins! Wow they are growing fast! I still remember when you announced the birth on here it only feels like yesterday! I'm sure all the aching, running about and worry is worth it, you sound so contented so that's beautiful. Look forward to your next instalment! Take Care.