Problem solving - male v female methods

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This morning we did the supermarket shop, queued, paid and then went across the passageway to their Wines and Spirits Dept. Only when we got to the empty checkouts could we see the small sign attached which said 'Please Pay at Main Checkouts'.

We each had a grumble. Mr SW was all for putting our bottles back and walking out but the last time he'd taken umbrage like that he'd left me with no washing up liquid so, with my encouragement but still grumbling, he joined a queue and despatched me to see if there were any shorter ones. There weren't so I joined him.

After more grumbling (increasingly louder) I'd had enough. I walked the few steps to the Help Desk and pointed out that we'd already queued once and, if the notices had been on the aisle side, people would know before going into Wines & Spirits what the situation was. Furthermore, they could shop there then do the grocery shop and pay all in one. The girl was very kind, in total agreement with me and immediately despatched someone to sort it out. I rejoined Mr Grumpy who was by now going through the checkout still muttering under his breath.

We returned to the car me feeling happy to have sorted a problem with a friendly, helpful employee, him still moaning about the stupidity and unfairness of the world.

Memo to any gods – I do not ever want to be reincarnated as a bloke. Please.


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    I would've hit it with hammer
    proper bloke fixing tactics :wink:
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    Ha! I wouldn't want to be a bloke either! I thought it was just me and my guy, but after reading it I am reminded,no, it's them. It's like they get caught up in the negativity and forget to simply solve the problem. If you haven't figured out yet, I am the problem solver in my relationship. If he had it his way, my husband would spend all of his time complaining. Except he doesn't know how to do it quietly.
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    It is a gender thing, isn't it? He was narked (and so were you) but you did the sensible thing and dealt with the problem directly. I guess someone on the staff had thought to put up a sign but obviously not in the right place - I wonder what their gender was? :wink: DD
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    Great little film on Youtube about the differences between men and women - It's Not About the Nail.