Brillant Appointment Yesterday

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Had a very good appointment yesterday with my GP
She has referred me to Neurology ,appointment booked for July 9th so not too long to wait
Had a really good chat about symptoms and she is determined to get to the bottom of them all, even outlinned a plan of action so to speak if Neuro cannot solve the problems
I feel blessed to have such a brilliant GP (well worth the 17days wait to see her)
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    That's great news. I'm really pleased & relieved for you :D
    Good GP's make a world of difference.


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    Healing Hugs
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    Good news. I'm also lucky in having two great GPS, who always listen and who have even sent me up,to A and E on 3 occasions due to their concerns.
    It makes such a difference. My daughter has an as yet unidentified long term health problem and has had real problems with her GP. She saw him this week, finally got her pain referral clinic done, asked about any other referrals and he said she had to wait and see what the pain clinic said as he had no idea what to do!
    He did not say you will not be storm tossed, you will not be sore distressed, you will not be work weary. He said you will not be overcome.
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    Fantastic that you have such an understanding GP....they are worth their weight in gold :wink:

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    Hello ouch
    I am so pleased for you it makes such a difference just to have some answers..hope the appointment comes through very soon x