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I applied for the renewal of my Blue Badge and was turned down. On appeal (the Teletalk system of application was faulty), I was turned down again because 'I can walk too far'.

I understand that each county interprets the Department of Transport's guidelines on Blue Badge eligibility and my county (Lancashire) has its own matrix to determine whether an applicant meets the criteria. They have declined to let me see the matrix because 'I'd then know what to put on the form'.

My doctor has provided a supporting letter, I have been as honest as I can when completing the on-line form and I believe I still meet the guidelines set out by the Dept of Transport.

I'm not now allowed to re-apply for three months. Has anyone else had similar experiences or can suggest ways forward?



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    Hello, I am saddened to read of your woes with your BB renewal, this cannot be easy for you. I am 'fortunate' in that I am reliant on walking aids due to my PsA and OA (which will affect my 'conversion' from DLA to PIP) but so far so good for me on the BB front. May I advise you to post again on the Living with Arthritis board on here? There are a few threads on there about BBs which may be of interest to you (I reckon they don't qualify as a benefit although they are when there are enough available spaces :wink: ). I wish you well. DD
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    I'm sorry to hear that your appeal has been turned down.....As DD says LWA forum is the best place to post.
    I have a BB {Northumberland} This is my 2nd one and they have gone through OK
    The next time you apply......get someone to fill it in for you or help you do the citizens advice bureau......when we are filling it in we are too honest {not meaning they aren't} but they word things differently
    People I have talked to have had more success with having them filled in by CAB
    Good Luck.....they aren't a benefit as such but I would be lost without mine.
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    Many thanks DD and Hileena

    I've checked 'Living with Arthritis' and note some of the posts arebefore the 2012 changes in the BB criteria and I'll certainly contact CAB before my re-application date - beginning of August.
    Best regards
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    try contacting your local authority who issues the badges and say you haven't got internet access any more and can you please have a paper form to complete? Can't hurt to ask, can it?

    Down here in Kent you can apply on line or on paper. I have DLA (higher rate) so get the badge automatically, when I request it every 3 years.

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    My mum had a blue badge (Lancashire). She struggled to walk because of curvature in her back - which also made her breathless as her lungs were being condensed by it. She did the application online at Lytham library via a weblink (the library staff set it up with you) - said she always used a stick (little white lie - she usually lent on me to walk) and exaggerated how little she could walk. The thing is when you've got problems usually you push and push yourself all the time - then say how you're ok as well in an attempt to convince yourself as much as anyone else. First time she went to the GP he said he wouldn't support the application. She went back to another GP a few months later when she was sick and fed up of having no quality of life even with me doing as much as I could for her (I wasn't so ill myself back then) and that GP said they would support the application. By that stage she also had an MRI on record showing how bad her spine was. If you're the type of person that pushes yourself all the time you get zero support.

    Don't be too honest - the conditions for getting a badge are ridiculous (being able to walk the length of a bus in pain doesn't mean you can cope with normal life) - meantime you see people hopping merrily out of cars with blue badges on having nowhere near the difficulties you face (especially older people who were awarded time unlimited badges when they needed just one joint replacement which is now perfectly ok post op.)
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    I think it's regarded as perfectly acceptable to fill in the application assuming a bad day but please be careful. When you write 'little white lie', 'exaggerated how little she could walk' and suggest to others 'Don't be too honest - the conditions for getting a badge are ridiculous' you must realise you are actually encouraging fraud.

    I have had a Blue Badge since they were orange :roll: but I can't remember them ever being 'time unlimited'. Admittedly, my regular re-applications always go through very smoothly but that's because I get higher rate DLA. That, in itself, is not easy to come by as many on here can testify.
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