Fibromyalgia help!

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Hey guys,

Could anyone explain the diagnosis process for fibromyalgia please?

Lots of people who suffer with arthritis experience it so I decided to look into it and have a lot of the symptoms explained - especially the weakness and limbs feeling really heavy.

I thought this was muscle loss due to arthritis and I try to work out every day to keep my muscles as strong as possible but I'm still walking about with a tonne of bricks hanging off me!!

I also have the muscle pain, fatigue, pain allover my body, daily headaches, dry throat and blocked nose, cold intolerance (I'm out in this sun with hoodys and coats), pulled muscles that are not associated with the exercise - especially in my stomach and shoulders, chest and abdominal pain....

I don't know if they are all symptoms of fibromyalgia, but these are all things I experience daily which I don't believe is caused by my RA.

Thanks everyone in advance for your replies :)


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    Last October I was diagnosed with fibro (after my rheumatologist prodded me in a number of unusual places) which came as a total surprise; I was attributing the troubles to my PsA. I experience the intermittent muscle pain plus on-going fatigue but have always presumed that my dry throat and blocked nose was due to my hay fever/asthma. As for feeling cold, well, suffice it to say I don't have that trouble. DD
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    I know that they do 10ish pressure points that cause pain when prodded, I have just seen a rheumy and one of the question asked was do you suffer from a dry mouth and I do but I still think that this is down to my meds I will have to wait and see, I do hope you get some answers very soon...sometimes this is all we need..good luck
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    Hi Sezeelson
    The diagnosis process for Fibro can be a very long and frustrating process

    There is no blood test to determind if you have Fibro, so bloods tests are carried out to 'rule out' other conditions in Fibro these come back clear,normal ones they test for are Rheumatoid Arthritis,Thyroid,ANA, FBC, there are countless ones to be honest.

    The next stage is sometimes a MRI to see if its OA, you can have other conditions with it and alot of sufferers have low Vit D levels

    Next it may be an appointment with a Rheumatologist, where they carry out several tests reflexes/strength type then if they suspect Fibro they press on 18 different tender spots to be diagnosed you have to score 11/18 ( I got 18/18)
    If diagnosed you are referred back to the care of your GP
    There are 100's of symptoms and some of the Fibro forums have lists that members have added to so are very long, you may not get all the symptoms,and everyone is different but the main ones seems to be fatique, due to not getting enough deep sleep,and chronic muscle pain, and lack of energy
    Personally I would go and see your GP and discuss your symptoms and see what your GP thinks,Fibro mimicks alot of other conditions,so it best to have these ruled out.
    Take Care
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    I have Fibromyalgia and like the others I get muscle pain, fatigue & limbs feeling heavy. I do get a lot of headaches but there due to other problems, I do feel cold when it's warm and have my throw over me but I put that down to lack of movement. Dry throat and flu feeling? Well there is a nasty flu bug going round which I have at the moment so it could be that? Hope this helps you!