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Hi, I have recently moved house from London to Shropshire and for the past 6 years, I have seen a Rheumatologist in SE London. For the last 4 1/2 years, I have been on Humira (for psoriaric arthritis) and my specialist nurse has gained funding approval from my new (& local) Commissioning Group to take over the funding for the Humira.

I am slightly concerned that when I am referred to a new rheumatologist that they may not want to continue prescribing the Humira which would be disastrous! I was therefore wondering if anyone can recommend a good rheumatologist in the Shropshire area.

Many thanks.


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    So, a good rheumatologist is one who will keep you on humira - that's a new take on matters. :wink: Please give the new one a chance, I am sure he will look at your notes, see that it's helping you and therefore keep you on it. If not then start searching for one who will. I too am on humira and it's lovely to read of those for whom it works as it should. Good luck with the future and I hope you are able to stay on it. DD
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    Sorry, I can't help but, from what you've written, I think it'd be surprising if you were taken off humira. I can appreciate your fears, however. With luck, someone from Shropshire will see this. I checked out the 'In your area' button at the top of the page and all I could find was this
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