NPower again.

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Ye gods, words fail me. This morning I received another letter from them which included a credit statement. This letter was dated 17 April but only arrived today, 19 May. I had to ring them to ask for the refund only to be told it has to be done manually which will take another seven to ten working days. He asked if I wanted the cheque in the name of 'The Executor of Mrs . . . . '. My patience began to slip.

'That would be great', I gushed, 'I will go and open a new bank account in that name, is that OK?'

'Would you prefer it in your name, then,?'

'Well, I think that would be more helpful, don't you,?

I then pointed out that when customers owe money it's pay up now but when they owe their clients (deceased or otherwise) they prefer delaying tactics such as he has just so ably demonstrated - but then reverted to my usual kindly self in saying that I realised he could do nothing about the ridiculous methods his company employs.

So, they owe me just under £200 and have done since 14 March. By the time I get the cheque (hopefully in the right name) and that has cleared we will be heading towards the first week of June. If the boot was on the other foot they would be racking up the charges. :roll: DD


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    DD good for you, like you say its is instant threats from them when a customer owes money...tell them you want interest mind you that wouldn't be much..hope you get it sorted soon..
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    I remember all the problems well when we where dealing with Dad's utilities!! We had problems with more than one of them we had problems with 2 of them! Your right they do love to hang on with paying up! I thought it was because the interest they are collecting on the money in the companies accounts, that's how these fat cat boss's make their money!! It's hard because it just drags out all the emotion and stress which these people don't understand. If you threatened to go to Watchdog that cheque would be with you the next morning! I hope they get their a***s into gear and get the cheque out to you quicker so you can close this chapter of your life. Take care DD.
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    NPower rang me this morning. They cannot issue the refund because they have no proof that my mother has died. I need to send a photocopy of her death certificate together with a letter stating that I am her appointed executor. I am considering also enclosing a picture of her coffin pre-cremation and one of her ashes around of the base of the tree where Mr DD scattered my father's.

    My accompanying letter will also include some choice phrases about their attitudes, methods (if one can call them that) and their utterly splendid delaying tactics which ensures they hold onto my money for as long as possible.

    I am very upset. If my mother had a grave she would be revolving at a rate of knots. DD
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    They need to stick their fingers in their sockets. Mig
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    And tell him you will CUT THEM OFF :wink: .... seriously though good luck DD keep us posted
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    That is appalling. :( I remember when I lost my Dad his employers wrote 3 different reminders asking for the relevant part of his overpaid pension to be repaid, I was disgusted.

    You must be similarly upset & furious. Outrageous. :(
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    It's disgraceful, with no redeeming features. Just as the banks were 'too big to fail' so these energy companies are too big to give a tinker's cuss about their customers. What happened to respect and service?
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    Further developments. I today received a cheque from NPower for the full amount which is owed to me, made out in the name of my deceased mother. I am waiting for them to call me back.

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry. At the moment the latter is winning 'cos my eyes are leaking a little; I will do my best not to rant at the person who rings (because this debacle is not their fault) but my patience is being very sorely tried. DD
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    (((()))) I am surprised you have any patience left, I am not going to start as I wouldn't stop, I hope there is a good samaritan at the end of the next phone call and finally get this sorted out for you. xx
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    Oh DD I feel for you. It's hard enough to stay patient when faced with such incompetence, but when it is twinned with the emotional trappings of the reason you are having to deal with the nincompoops(dumkopfs?!) in the first place it's a real struggle.I had some of this with my mother, not so much after she died but when I had Power of Attorney.
    I'm having a battle with a utility company at the moment on my own account and I too do my best not to take it out on the person at the end of the phone, but I have to say that my pencil bore the brunt of my last encounter when the idiot woman said smugly 'It's no good shouting and screaming at me'. I pointed out that I had never screamed, I was not shouting and by the way I would never swear, but that since the company she worked for was avoiding refunding my money that it's had since March,(when my new supplier took over)due to an incorrect bill I was angry. I'm guessing that the call wasn't being recorded as she was most unprofessional.
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    I am always aware of being recorded and reckoned that today's call was because a) it was a call-back by them and b) she kept apologising despite my telling her that none of this rubbish was her fault. I have discovered the name of the Head Honcho (and he will hear from me in due course) but I will tell him that there is no urgency to reply because I don't matter (and neither did my late Ma) and that I will take any opportunity I find to rubbish his organisation.

    Apparently they have established a bereavement service. Oh jolly good.

    Daffy, I am sorry that you too are battling similar idiots. They love fleecing us but are very slow to return their ill-gotten gains. :x DD

    PS My eyes are still leaking. The crass insensitivity (tautology?) is hurting. I must shape up, he'll be home soon and won't need a weepy wife on top of everything else he's dealt with today.