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Back from hospital.good appointment,all agreed MEthotrexate has not helped weeks in the blood tests indicate more inflammation examination doctor in consultation with anti tnf nurse going to be givenTOCILIZUMAB and no more meth Good was sick again today 3 days after my usual 10 MgsI have never heard of this but it's given as an infusion every 4weeks at the hospital would appreciate any feed back oh the other name for it is ROACTEMRA and it's a biological drug thanks in anticipation and hope everyone is reasonable Marriannex : : :)


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    dont understand why they would stop methotrexate , 10mg is pretty low & if they increased your folic acid you should not have so much problems with the side effects ,

    as for Tocilizumab is a good drug , works pretty quick & they should be changing it to pen injections later this year , its not a anti-tnf drug but one of the newer biologics & first infusion will take a bit longer as they will want to monitor you for hour afterwards
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    Hello marrianne, I've heard of it but not tried it. As with all these things if it's the one for you it will do something noticeable and if it isn't it won't. My understanding from my hospital is that they prefer to give anti TNFs in conjunction with meth, this is probably why my humira has been so 'successful' as it is the only one I've taken supported by injected meth: that's another route for you to try as that tends to cut out the sickness because it bypasses the digestive system and I'm surprised that it hasn't been suggested. We live complicated lives in complicated times, yes? DD
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    Hello Marianne
    Sorry you are still feeling sick on the methotrexate ..hopefully the new one will have less side effects and give you more relief..please let us know how you get on...sorry Im not much help..x