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I am new to this forum but by no means a stranger having read the comments on this forum for a long time but only until now have the opportunity to take part now having my own laptop.
All I can say is what an inspiration you wonderful people are how you cope with this awful disease and the help and advise you give one another.
My own situation seem small in comparison. I was diagnosed about three years ago with RA and is well under control with medication I get the odd flare up but it's not too bad. One of my biggest problem was I had two really bad bouts of sciatica and as anyone who has had it knows how really painful that can be. I still get some pain but it's manageable.
Thanks for reading my intro and I look forward to taking part.


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    Hello easyed. It's lovely to meet you and please don't apologise for not having arthritis as bad as some. It's an outrage however good / bad it is. We all have our difficult times and our easier times. I hope yours stays under reasonable control for as long as possible – and then a bit more :wink:

    I only ever had sciatica in the last month of my second pregnancy when my son decided to make himself comfy by lying on my sciatic nerve. I was glad to finally evict him :lol: My husband's golfing mate is currently awol as his sciatica keeps playing up. It's no fun. Is it?

    Anyway, welcome on board and do join in wherever you wish. I'll look forward to seeing your around.
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    Hello easyed
    I am so glad you have joined us, we are nothing special.. its having one on here that keeps us going and having a good sense of humour...very important :D I am so glad to see your pain is under control, I have sciatica and yes it is painful,at the min my meds gabapentin are taking the edge ask your GP is there anything they can prescribe...hope you get some help for it..
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    Welcome Easyed,
    Pain is pain, glad yours is being controlled. I had sciatica when i was 20, nearly 30 years ago. How time flies! Not pleasant. I have not been on here long, but everyone here offers so much support, so whenever you need us, someone is here.
    Take care
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    Sciatica is a real ******
    I'm pleased your RA is under control, be thankful for small mercies I guess :roll:
    Welcome to the forum, and I look forward to seeing your future posts.
    Take care,
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you at long last :wink: I found AC not long after gaining my first personal laptop and, as a long-time reader, you have spotted that on the whole we are a fairly supportive bunch because we do understand how difficult and trying times can be when one is struggling with a disease such as ours, no matter at what stage it is. You sound to be doing pretty well on the RA front and long may that continue.

    My late Ma had sciatica and it was hydrotherapy that helped sort it out. She was allocated six weeks on the NHS and found it very beneficial; when the six weeks ended it returned with a vengeance and she somehow manage to negotiate a further twelve weeks. DD
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    Hi easyed, welcome to the family! Don't think your Arthritis is small in comparison, it makes us all suffer! Look forward to seeing your posts and joining in with us! :D
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    Hello & welcome,

    I'm an auto immuner too but mine is Psoriatic (PsA) not RA. I also have OA, for the fun of it, along with other stuff that likes to kick me in the teeth too :lol:

    Sciatica is a beast!!! I offer you very gentle ((((Hugs)))) as I know only too well how awful it is. My 1st experience was during my 2nd pregnancy, our son chose to lay on it throughout the entire thing, it was a pleasant labour tho so I let him off :wink:

    My other biggest experience with it was around 4 years ago wen I had a ruptured disk in my spine & the contents sat on the sciatic nerve .... Awful!!

    My rheumatologist just recommended that I kept moving, easier said than done eh?
    I wonder .... Would a Tens machine help? I tried it but for the actual spinal pain not the nerve pain, it may be worth a try.
    DD's suggestion, from her late Mums experience, sounds devine!! :)

    Take care. I do hope ure RA stays well controlled & that ure sciatic pain eases off very soon.
    I look forward to seeing you around & chatting again :D


    Xxx xxX
  • easyed
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    Thanks Debbie
    I have a tens machine and found it very useful I have not used it for some time so that's a good sign. I have started to use amitriptyline again and find that helpful although a bit drowsy for a while. I have compression of two discs and offered an operation but I am trying to avoid that and going for the exercise option instead.
    Enough about me for now and thanks to everyone who replied.

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