Automatically changed over to child tax credit but...

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I have recently automatically transferred to child tax credits for my child as money for children is no longer being paid with income support.

I am told a letter is on its way and was told what and when I would receive these.

The question I have is do I have to inform DWP about this change or will they automatically be notified as they send my details to the child tax credit department.

Just wondered if anyone had gone through this changeover.


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    Why not just ring the Benefits Helpline to find out? 0800 220 674
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    I did ring but they couldn't tell me as they haven't got any info from the other side but then I ring the other side and the cant tell me either...what a joke this country is becoming. I still don't know what's what and if im running an overpayment risk
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    I'd ring tax credits to make sure you have a new claim started because you have stopped etting income support. I never assume any information has been passed on as have seen quite a few people get into difficulties for this very reason.

    Ring DWP too and inform them that income support stopped on such-and-such date.

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