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I have been suffering from severe sharp burning like pains that started in my right arm and shoulder about a year ago. I was initially diagnosed as having Parsonage Turner Syndrome and treated with various pain relief to no effect.

This has progressively got worse and now I suffer with pains in all four limbs and neck. it seems to get worse at night or if I am sat down for long periods, I was active but simple tasks make me feel very exhausted and I have to break things down into small amounts and have more rests.

I get numbness in my fingers occasionally. I believe that I was wrongly diagnosed and could possibly have fibromyalgia. I am finding it hard to ask the GP if there could have been mistake. They just seem to increase the medication when I mention the problems and send me for more blood tests.

Any help or advice would be appreciated and if the symptoms are similar to Fibromyalgia.

many thanks


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    Dear Steve,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. I'm sorry to hear that your experience of pain has worsened and I totally appreciate that this must be concerning for you. I don't know whether you've been in touch with us at Helplines before, but we are not medically qualified, so can't argue the toss about precise technical details. If things have changed, normally that's reason enough to see a GP. A good first referral tends to be to a musculoskeletal clinic or physiotherapy for investigations and practical advice and treatment.

    A good tip is to explain what your functional problems are: e.g. what times of day do you feel the pain sensations. What is affected? - list tasks you find difficult. If your sleep is affected make sure you mention it.

    Finally if you'd like some support why not ring us for a chat?

    I hope that's helpful

    Kind regards