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I posted about six weeks ago as I was suffering with a dry mouth and dry eyes and my dentist had advised me to see my GP as she was concerned regarding auto-immune disease.

I saw my GP, also mentioning to her that I have the symptoms of mild Reynauds and pain in hands and feet, sometimes almost like electric shocks in my feet. My GP arrange for blood tests, including full blood count and tests for auto-immune disease.

What has come back is that I am quite anaemic (which seems to happen regularly with me) and probably the reason I have extreme fatigue at times. My thyroid test showed mild Hypothyroidism but not enough to treat but is to be monitored, but all the tests for auto-immune disease came back negative.

She has now referred me for gastroscopy to see if anything can be seen that is causing the anaemia and has also done a referral to Rheumatology.

I just wonder if there is any point in seeing the Rheumatologist if all my blood rests were negative or is it the case that the Rheumatologist will run different tests than my GP.

Does anyone have any similar experience or advice?



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    I am sure that many others will tell you about the length it has taken to be diagnosed, as luck would have it (well if you can call being diagnosed with arthritis lucky!), I was diagnosed relatively quickly. I have an auto immune arthritis, Psoriatic, and this does not show in blood tests. In fact only a couple of weeks ago my rhuematologist reiterated this during a conversation. I would most definitely keep the appointment as, if you get a good one, this consultant may be the important person in your life!
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    Thank you Tubby! I shall definitely keep the appointment.