I finished my degree and got offered a job the next day!!!

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Yesterday, I handed in my portfolio and celebrated by having a nap. Today, during nap time, I got a phone call offering me a job. (Are you sensing a pattern?!) It was my first ever social work interview, so I wasn't expecting to be successful. I am going to be a social worker in an older adults and physical disabilities team!!!! :D

I get my results on 4th July and graduate on 16th July. I will already been working by then, can't believe it! I have 70% of my overall grade sitting at a first but it all depends on how I do in my dissertation as to whether I end up with a first or 2:1. Either way, I am thrilled with my results.

Thank you all for supporting me through this. I appreciate you more than you could ever know.

Sophie xx


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    Congratulations, what wonderful news and what a perfect job for you.
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    Fantastic news for both your degree and the job - well done you!

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    Well done you! :D:D:D
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    Congratulations, and well done you. :D
    You have worked hard for this, under very difficult circumstances, and you deserve for things to go your way.
    Let the celebrations begin!
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    Oh my darling girl, that is utterly fantastic (so fantastic that I'll try to resurrect my Cosgan emoticons!) Oh honey, I am sitting here with a ludicrously wide grin on me chops! :D GET IN, S0PHIE! DD
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    Sophie that is brilliant news ,I absolutely knew you would get there..you are such a strong lady that has gone through so much, but shown everyone it can be done..many many congratulations...you have made my day... :D:D xx
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    Well done ,we on the forum are so proud of you. Mig
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    Congratulations Sophie! Fantastic! you must feel wonderful (despite the pain, that is).
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    Thank you for the lovely replies xx

    To make the last 24 hours even crazier, I got my dissertation results and I got a 2:1. :) I'm still sitting bang in the middle of a First and a 2:1 so I have to wait till 4th July as my case will be presented at the exam board. I do have a medical letter supporting me but it really could go either way. Eek!
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    congrats :D
    How am I gonna be an optimist about this?
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    Many congratulations! xx
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    Congratulations you!! You must be over the moon and you deserve it after all you have had to battle to get here! So pleased everything is turning out good!!
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    Congratulations Sophie what a great position for you right up your street it is well deserved after all that you have been through and coped with, well done I am made up for you...............go girl xx
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    Congratulations- on both the degree and the job....you so deserve it all and have proved that it's possible to succeed despite if you keep on trying. You will have so much to bring to your new job that is more than just theory-you walk the walk and will have credibility because of it.

    I'm thrilled for you. :D

    Deb xx
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    Congratulations Sophie ... You utterly deserve this :D

    YOU DID IT!!! Woo Hoo :D
    *We never doubted you'd get where you deserved to be*

    You're a credit to ureself young lady.


    Xxx xxX
    Healing Hugs
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    I am delighted but not surprised, Sophie. Some very wise, sensible emppoyer has got the employee they deserve. We have all witnessed your sometimes heroic efforts to complete this degree. I can't imagine anyone more deserving of success.
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    Aww you're all so lovely, thank you for your lovely words. I might have had to wipe a stray tear away. :wink:

    I've got some really exciting plans coming up and I just want wait to have some FUN! :D
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    Many Many Congratulations
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    Sophie - as usual I'm coming late to this but I just wanted to add to the long line of people congratulating you :D :P :D - you're a real hero for getting this far and really a 2.1 is pretty brilliant - if it's a first it will just be a bonus.

    But to land a job straight away is amazing as probably the biggest hurdle any new graduate faces these days has already been jumped now (ouch sorry!) and landed well by you.

    My son, who has also had health and disability issues to overcome is in exactly the same situation re sitting somewhere very tight between a first and a high 2.1. He hears on the 3rd of June but he has also just heard that he's been accepted to do a Masters at Glasgow uni and is over the moon about this.

    So I'm really thinking that people who get somewhere amazing despite so much adversity are the ones we need to be running the world! Mat x
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    Well done - Its so refreshing to hear your news. Dissertations are not easy well done and good luck :)
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    Congratulations!!!!! Well done you :D
    Enjoy every bit of your new job and your graduation, you deserve it honey!!! Xxx
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    Well done!
    My daughter did a social work degree too and was in child protection work 10 days after graduating.
    She's never been out of work since in over 5 years so well done again!
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    Thank you again for the lovely replies. :) I am feeling so good and so relaxed! Next goal; get my RA under control (a work in progress).

    topcat Thank you! That's good to hear. I've heard once you've secured your first job and stay there a while, the opportunities really open up for you. I admire your daughter so very much. Child protection is not something I feel I could do.
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    Well deserved Sophie, I'm so pleased for you.