Richard III

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I would like Richard to go home to York. Mig


  • dreamdaisy
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    Me too, it seems more fitting than where he has been. DD
  • barbara12
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    I agree Mig,I find it awful that they dug him up in the first place , I understand how the historians wanted to prove things..but now let him go home.he was very brave in war..
  • marrianne
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    Definately York Mig
  • villier
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    With you mig xx
  • tkachev
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    I seem to remember he had his own father reburied,after his head was stuck on a spike (with Margaret of Anjou slapping his face) and then buried without ceremony.

    I think he should be buried in York as they were his greatest supporters.

  • stickywicket
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    Oddly enough, despite being a Yorkie, I think I'd lean towards Leicester.

    The terms of the dig were that, if he were found, he should stay in Leicester. If York wanted to object they should have done so at that point and offered some funding.