Happy Birthday Megrose!

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I know you are having a spot of bother at the moment but I hope that won't stop you enjoying your special day: it's a shame about the weather but hopefully that won't spoil the celebrations! Happy Birthday! DD


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    Thanks DD ,hAVE A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Megrose :) from Marriannex
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    Happy Birthday Megrose, hope you manage to have a lovey day.................Marie xx
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    Happy Birthday
    Have a lovely day
    joan xx
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    Hope you have had a lovely day....sorry I'm a bit late but have had a stand for Arthritis Care Week and only just got in

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    Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Megrose..hope you are having a lovely day..xx
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    I hope you are having a lovely day :)



    Toni xxx
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    Sorry I'm late with this hope you have had a good day. (((()))) Mig
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    birthday_cat.gif Catty Birthday To You. :)
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    Thank you all so much. How did you know I was a cat lover, Toady? The highlight of the day was a trip to York - got rather wet, but the meal at Betty's made up for that! My DH bought me a piece of jewellery from the antique centre and I got some gorgeous Noro yarn from the wool shop on the Shambles. Spent the evening talking on the phone to our two sons, who both live in Scotland. All in all a very happy day, even if I am a year older! :D
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    Sounds good to me, Megrose. Sorry I missed this. Haven't ventured over here for some time :oops:
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    Sorry I missed this too. I hope the next year is a good one for you. Happy (late) Birthday!