odd pains in operated leg

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I am 3 weeks post THR right leg ,I was getting out of bed and snagged my operated leg in the duvet,I had a burning sensation from my thigh to knee that lasted a couple of minutes to start with but keeps coming back, this only happens if laying down of doing my knee raise exercise .
just not sure what to do? or am I being a worrier guts. this was 3 days ago.


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    Hello Steve
    My THR was nearly 11 months now and I get some pains, in my shin for some strange reason ,but my xrays are fine, do you have anyone at the hospital you can ring if you are worried, I hope someone can put your mind at rest, I remember well how worried I was early days...maybe just rest it for a day or so and see if that helps.
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    You have my sympathy. I jarred my knee revision getting into the car on the way home from getting it :oops: I should probably have gone straight back to the ward but no chance :lol: I was, and am, fine but I guess I got lucky.

    However, we are not docs and can't do diagnoses. If you have any worries about it you should either ring the ward where you had the op or ask your GP for advice.
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