Horrendous rain!

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The noise woke me at 5.30 this morning, I have never heard rain like it whilst in a house :shock: . It was thundering off the roof, the patio outside the kitchen was at least three inches deep in water, the guttering was struggling to cope with the deluge and many of our flowers are flattened. A snail floated on a puddle on the paving outside the bedroom window, it was trying to cross but it wound itself in and bobbed gently around as the heavy rain plashed around it. Apparently we're in for a very wet day which is a nuisance because I have to go out - I dislike walking in very wet weather, the world becomes a slippery place when one is using crutches. :( DD


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    Sounds dreadful. I couldn't believe it when I read the news this morning and saw there were more flood warnings out, thought we had come to the end of those. Loved your description of the snail bobbing along.
    Feel for you having to go out in it, please take it steady and hope it dries up before you have to go out.
    The only problem I have with the rain at present is that it means my hubby hasn't yet been able to hoover out the inside of my car before I "swop" it for my new one later in the week.
    Fingers crossed your weather improves quickly.
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    Yes its raining here to ,DD yes better check guttering my o/h is very hot on his gutters and down spouts :lol: Hope you get the car cleaned Sloshx
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    We had the dreadful weather on Sunday afternoon! It was raining so hard that we had a river going down the road and we're at the top of our road!! The plant pots where full of water, it was the heaviest rain storm I had ever seen and we had thunder with it! I can't believe we are having this atrocious weather in summer, at least we definitely won't have a drought this year!!
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    In terms of the outside of the car maybe I could save some money, pour car shampoo over and then let the rain do the hard work.
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    We had the heavy rain on Sunday ..summer started off so well ..hope it come back soon...has for walking in it I caught some algae on the pavement with my crutches blimey I thought ice was slippy... :shock:
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    They have said a few times we will have heavy rain but we have not had any yet.
    take care everyone
    joan xx