Proposed shoulder joint replacement

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My specialist has indicated that complete joint replacement is the only solution to my problem. would appreciate the shared experiences of others who have undergone this procedure relating to the op itself and to outcomes.


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    Hello, I cannot help but it may be worth your trying the search function on here to see if any relevant threads appear. I wish you well. DD
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    Hello. I can't help either with shoulders though I've had both hips and knees done. Try here

    It's nowhere near as common as hip / knee replacement and I don't recall many on here posting about it.
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    Hello sorry I can't help either I just want to welcome you to the forum. I see Sticky has given you a link, you can also phone the helpline number at the top of the page. Good luck hope to see you around.....Marie x
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    Hi 2m7a9ybe

    You have my sympathies although I cannot help you regarding the joint replacement op.

    I shall eventually need a reverse shoulder op but am putting it off for as long as possible. (I am 63 years old now and shoulder problems have been on going since 2005). I had a shoulder arthroscopy 10 weeks ago and the surgeon released a nerve and gave the shoulder a wash and clean out. This has been done to prolong things before having a reverse shoulder op which I do not wish to rush into nor does my surgeon for various reasons. My shoulder is very arthritic as well as having a massive rotator cuff tear. Since the arthroscopy it is marginally better regarding pain. I am seeing a physio now to build up the deltoid muscle even more.

    I found the following shoulder replacement forum that may be of use to you and I am sure there are others if you google for them.

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