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Had broken Rollator taken away yesterday by manager and repair man from shop who were both disgusted that it broke after only 14 months had call from shop manager today to say that they have sent photos and details of problem presumably by fax to manufacturer who has contacted him back to say they are looking into what can be done and shop manager thinks there sound that there may be a chance of a replacement. if they say they cannot do anything to him he says his repair guy can repair it so that I can use it while I make a further complaint to manufacturer as I said I would if he got no success from them. so am hoping for a new one.


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    Carol sorry I have just spotted your other thread, I remember you getting this one didnt the wheel break on your other..I think they should replace it, these things should be really well made, people rely on them to get out and about..good luck with it, if they wont replce it tell them you will take the matter further...worth a try x
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    The key phrase in such a situation is 'not fit for purpose'. That rollator was dangerous and, if your first one was the same model, it sounds like a design fault. Don't be fobbed off, Carol.
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    Go you Carol

    Best of luck for a satisfactory outcome :)


    Toni xxx
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    Hello Carol
    good luck it was not up to the work you needed it for.
    take care
    joan xx
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    Go for it Carol, fight for it to get replaced maybe with a different model..................Marie xx
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    Hi folks thank you all for your replies had a call from shop manager Friday afternoon and he say he is hopeful manufacturers will replace they have pictures and are looking into it. they will be ringing him back on Monday.
    Barbara the first one was broken by some impatient ?????? (cannot print on here) idiot who decided just to give it a good yank when rear wheels got trapped under bus platform when back wheels had accidently slipped off pavement but not realising this he had lowered platform to make it easier for me to get on but before he could raise it again to get them free the said idiot just yanked it out and broke the framework.
    Sticky No it was not the same model as this one but as this one was a brand new design for 2013 and only came out on the 1st Jan 2013 it may be a design fault don't know.
    If Manager of shop says manufacturer say they can't do anything I shall be contacting them myself and believe me I will give them hell and will take it further I have told the shop manager this and his repair man says he can do a repair for me while I fight it both manager and repair guy collected it and were absolutely disgusted.