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Can I ask you ladies a quick question for someone please. Her TKR operation was cancelled at the last moment after she was found to have low blood platelets. She has undergone various tests and been told she can go ahead with the op. She was devastated to be told she will have to go to the bottom of the list again, even though the surgeon told her he would fit her in when he cancelled it. Is there anything she can do please as she is very upset. Thank you. Barbara.


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    This might be one surgeon's / hospital's policy or might just be a mistake. I would check it out and follow it up. It sounds to me like one admin person who has maybe applied a rule never intended for such cases ie it would make sense to send someone to the back of the queue if they had simply cancelled for no good medical reason. This is not the case here. Ring the surgeon's secretary and, if you get no joy, enlist the help of either the GP or your local PALS group.
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