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I was diagnosed with OA of the knee in March, since then it has spread to both knees, hands, foot & elbows. Had a blood test about that time but no evidence of RA, now with lots of different things going on with the effects of OA my GP said it could be RA, but to leave it until I have another blood test. How long should I give it until I go back to push for one or any other tests that can be done. Reading about RA it seems hard to diagnose, I am 61.

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    Dear Vera,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. I'm sorry to hear that you are dealing with some concerns about the extent of arthritis that's happening. I am aware that you are wondering what to do for the best. We are not able to give you medical advice - because we are not medically qualified. But we are very much here for support.

    If you'd like to ring our free phone, we'd be happy to support you while you consider your options.

    Equally you might feel that you might want to try to have a fuller conversation with your GP. What you might need to do with the GP is give them some practical examples of the extent to which the arthritis is giving you functional problems. Examples might include, sleep disturbance, doing work, chores in your home, personal care.

    But if you'd prefer to come back to us on here, please do so.

    Kind regards