Taken for a ride or what !!!!!!!

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new update on going Saga of rollator the manufacturer have discontinued that model of rollator after on just about a year they are willing to replace with it with one that 1. Is cheaper than what I paid for the one that is broken and 2. has none of the features that made me buy the broken one
at the moment they have said that they want the shop to return it to them so that they can see if it was a structural problem if it is then they are willing to give the shop a complete refund. :roll: the manager of the shop who is being really great about whole situation and completely agrees with me has agreed that if they do he will give me a complete refund and either take that amount from a different design they may be more expensive or give me the refund so that I can buy a new one elsewhere the suits what I am saying I want. am due to hear in a couple of days so still playing waiting game. oh we at least OH not complaining and being very good about bringing in odd bits of daily shopping if I need him to at the moment.
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    I wonder why it was discontinued. I bet I can guess. Maybe you should take advice from your local Trading Standards office, Carol. This rollator was clearly not fit for purpose, whatever the manufacturers say.
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    I know that you're happy with the way the shop manager is dealing with this, but, shoot me down if I'm wrong, I understood that any contract of sale is actually with the retailer, not the manufacturer. So, the shop should have given you a refund and it is then up to them to take it up with the manufacturer. I feel that you shouldn't be having to wait while the manufacturer decides whether it is faulty construction or not. Just a thought. I hope you get it all sorted out asap. :)