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Hi so im 20 and I was diagnosed with arthritis about 2 months ago,I took the news good, i found it better for me knowing what was wrong with me rather then getting named every condition under the sun.

I'm currently studying beauty therapy and lately I have found it extremely hard to do treatments I can't stand for too long and I keep feeling extremely fatigue. I dont have enought time, my course finishes in 4 weeks time and with me being ill all the time it's not helping. so im wondering do I get pain all the time because I keep stressing my self out with my work..its been a really hard year for me.


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    Hi Zulaikha,

    Thanks for your message to Helplines.

    It sounds as though you’ve recently had a really tricky time of it – having just found out you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis after a while of uncertainty and not knowing what was wrong.

    Although it’s a relief that you now have a name for your condition, I imagine it hasn’t made the extreme fatigue any easier, particularly if you are trying to complete your beauty therapy course over the next few weeks.

    You didn’t mention what type of arthritis you have been diagnosed with, but with any type, it is extremely important to make sure you get a good balance between rest and activity.

    You ask if you’re getting pain all the time because you are stressing yourself out with all your work. Stress is never helpful when we’re in pain. I’m wondering if you have spoken to your course tutor to discuss your situation? They might be able to offer you some additional help or some flexibility when it comes to your deadlines.

    You also might find it useful to read the following about fatigue and arthritis:

    And here is some general info about arthritis:

    If you’d like some further support, do feel free to give us a ring on our Freephone number: 0808 800 4050 10am – 4pm.

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