Fainting Pageboys.

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This afternoon I've heard via my magic noise box the 'interruption' to the Queen's Speech. Obviously Her Majesty is used to the thud of a pageboy losing consciousness for a while because she didn't even pause in her delivery - I now have visions of the corridors of Buck House echoing to various thuds and soft sighs as flunkeys and minions temporarily give up the ghost. :wink: DD
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    I do feel for them having to stand for long periods...I honestly thought the man holding the crown was going to go..he did look a bit wobbly on the steps..could just imagine the crown rolling down the steps :shock:
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    :lol::lol::lol: Barbara, what are you like? A wonderful image.

    I didn't see the incident in question but I do hope that protocol didn't take precedence over a young boy's health.
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    I was watching the speech and heard the noise. The Queen didn't even flinch. I noticed that there were only three page boys on the way out but thought I must have miscounted until I saw the news later.

    We really do pomp and ceremony well don't we! Fantastic to see all that history and tradition.