had my appointment with the Pain Prof!

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I had my appointment with the pain consultant today, a Professor in fact.
He seemed very nice, and thorough. Did all the usual history taking, examined my reflexes, range of movement, examined my back etc....
He said he thinks my pain is coming from my SI joint and has listed me for facet joint injections. He also said if they didn`t work he has another procedure to try?? Any ideas??
My Dad has his CT scan tomorrow to check if the cancer is anywhere else. Please keep your fingers crossed for nothing else


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    Pleased that you had a good appointment with the professor, NB.
    I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and keeping my fingers crossed that your dad gets good news. Take care.

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    Glad today went well. Fingers crossed for tomorrow
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    Sounds like you have made some progress with your appointment, I sure wish I could see a pain doctor!

    I'm sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope the scan goes as well as it can.
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    I will be praying for a good outcome NB.

    I'm glad ure appointment went well.


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    Healing Hugs
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    A good appointment and I am pleased. Thinking of you and your Dad today. I hope that goes well too.
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