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Some of you may remember I was asking about a product to help prevent loss of school uniform. I remember once seeing a tag system and was asking if anyone recognised the product as I could not track it down. in the end I made one of my own using coloured tags with drawings on.

Now I have just been sent a link about a similar product which has now been launched. It is coloured tags with pictures of various items on it which you connect to the childs bag.

I missed a business opportunity there!

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    Its typical, you think of something and someone else gets in before you..do you remember the school satchels coming back out in all colours..a friend of a friend had the same idea , had one made to see what it would look like..and next min they were everywhere she was fuming...see if you can think of something else you obviously have that type of mind... :)
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    Isn't that just typical. I always think there can't be much left to be invented but someone always comes up with something.
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    It was an excellent idea wasn't it Elizabeth :)

    Never mind next brainwave you have - get it patented!!!


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