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Hi all,
Am cr4679 from just outside notts.
Have had RA since I could walk, and am in 40's now. So a fair bit of experience to impart!
Look forward to chatting to you all.


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    Hello, it's lovely to meet you and I hope we can help with encouragement and support ( I suspect that advice and information are not necessarily required :wink: but if they are then we can do that too ) and I look forward to learning more about your experiences. I began PsA aged 37 and over the years that has led to OA and fibromyalgia (I am now 55). I am going through a rough patch myself but I look forward to seeing your name here and there. I wish you well. DD
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    :) Hello from me too. I have RA + OA and I'll look forward to seeing you around :D
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