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Had Arthritis for some time but only recently actually got round to being diagnosed as Osteo. am on CoCod as required. Does anyone have any views on whether fish oil or glucosamine tabs are any help?



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    Hello Dick. I'm sorry I didn't see this yesterday.

    I believe there is some evidence that cod liver oil can help OA. Arthritis Care says so in their booklet on Healthy Lifestyle . Docs used to sometimes prescribe Glucosamine but I think that has stopped as the evidence is that it does little, if any, good though some people do think it helps.

    I'm afraid, on the whole, it's just a matter of living with OA and keeping as healthy and active as possible.

    Welcome on board :D
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    Hello Dick and welcome to the forum..
    I have tried most things, but not seen much of a change..but my OH takes fish oils and glucosamine..sorry spelling he says they work...the one thing that has help me is making a diary of foods I eat and on bad days I make a note of what I have eaten..its becoming very could give it a try and the fish oils
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    I honestly believe that the best relief for OA is pain relief and exercise, but of course that is just my experience and opinion.
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    Thanks for your comments, will give them a go.

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    Supplements are not a treatment, it is a matter of getting on with things as best we can. A good diet, sensible exercise, good-quality rest and using pain relief are the best things we can do to help our bodies cope with the depredations of OA. DD
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    I was told red krill oil was very good but it didn't give me any relieve, tried it for a month nothing happened. Now pain knee is very sore/annoying at the moment. Knee ready sore so walking if I feel like it.

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