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Hi guys x I'm considering buying a new mattress x is a firm mattress better for us with painful joints ??? Thank you in advance x


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    I have a memory foam mattress, which helps relieve my aches and pains. I also have support under my knees to relieve stress on my hips and back. Think you can buy a memory foam topper to place on an existing mattress?!?

    I guess it depends on where your pain is and what you feel most comfortable to sleep on.
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    I find that a mattress on the firm side but not to firm if you know what I mean..but I think it depends on were your pain is, you will have to try them out, we got ours from Ike* and they let you change it after a few weeks if it doesn't suit..I don't think you need to spend a lot on one we have a cheap one in our house that really suits me, I have tried the memory foam but find I struggle to turn over on them.
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    My pain is in my back and hips x at the moment it's agony especially when I lay on my side - do you think a firm mattress will make it worse ?
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    This is a topic that comes up regularly. I think the general consensus, wherever one has arthritis, is either a good, sprung mattress with the top section in memory foam or an ordinary mattress with a memory foam topper. If you enter 'mattress' into the Arthritis Care search engine many previous threads will come up on the right and some of AC's info on the left. This is what their leaflet on What to do When Back Pain Strikes says:

    Check the suitability of your mattress by lying on your
    back and sliding your hand (palm down) into the small
    of your back. If there is a large gap, the mattress is
    probably too hard. If you have to squeeze your hand
    in, then it is probably too soft. If your hand slides in
    fairly easily, the mattress is probably just right.
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    The best mattress for you is the one that feels comfortable for you. Don't base 'what's comfortable' on a thirty-second lie-down in the store: take a book and spend at least thirty minutes on each mattress you try, both lying on your back, your sides and sitting up. If any one murmurs at you say that you need the best choice possible and if they don't want your custom then you'll go elsewhere.

    Here's a thought - how about an electric adjustable bed? That's going to be my next choice and I will take my time choosing the right one. DD
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