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Hiya, even though I have been a volunteer with Arthritis Car since 1999, I have never actually registered for the forum although, I do, from time to time pop in.
I am 65, a Nana to two and started with arthritis in about 86. I have helped deliver Challenging arthritis courses plus other courses and am now part of the Champions delivering help on the Peer Support stands in the North East. I have osteo all over but my worrying problem at present is fatigue so, I am now going to set away a link about that on here. Just look for the word fatigue and join in if you can help :D :oops: :roll:


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    Hello janec. I've just answered your other thread so won't repeat myself. However, I do see you're 65. That could be relevant for Vit D levels. (See my other reply :D )
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    Hello stickywicket, where do I find your other reply please?
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    Hi Jane,
    I've answered your other post so like SW I wont repeat myself.
    Just to ask what Branch you are with? I do stands and talks as well.......ever since the information volunteer role disappeared :?

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    Hello and welcome, I too have answered on your other thread on the LWA board not realising that you posted here too. (I am tired so somewhat befuddled.) I hope our suggestions help you to find out what is going on with you, please keep in touch to update us. DD

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