Anyone been to the dentist recently???

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Just wondering if anyone has visited their dentist.

I have had two appointments in the last 6 months, December and a couple of weeks ago. My teeth aren't in great condition, I am 70 years old and have been on toxic drugs for RA for over 16 years.

I had one 'filling' each visit. When I say filling, no drilling, just a bit of cement mixed by the assistant and put into the tooth, which has actually dropped out!!!!!!!!

£50.50 each visit. Unless you receive benefits thats the cost.

Flipping scandalous. In the chair for approx 5 minutes. I mean you wouldn't accept that from any business or company, daylight robbery.

But apparently its in the Scale 2 of dental charges which means you can have root canal treatment, any amount of fillings and other stuff done for the same price.





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    NO and I'm NOT going. Mig
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    What I think is really scandalous is that you were only there for 5 minutes as I doubt any dentist worth his / her salt could do a good job in that time. No drilling involved for a filling? My dentist always ensures that the area to be filled is clean and healthy with no hidden bits of decay. That always involves a minimal amount of drilling. No wonder your filling came straight out again.

    I'm guessing you're with an NHS dentist as my (private) dentist's charges are quite different depending on what's involved (No way will I ever manage a root canal :lol: ) and cover free quarterly check-ups where she always checks for any unorthodox lumps and bumps in both mouth and jaw. If any filling drops out within - I think - 6 months, it's replaced free.

    As for charges, the fee doesn't just go into the dentist's pocket. It also pays for the premises, lighting, heating, equipment, materials, sterilisation of equipment, dental nurse and receptionist's wages. Clearly, in your case though, it's also paying for other people's root canal treatment and possibly the even more expensive dental implants :shock:
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    I am most definitely with you, Mig!

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    Kath I had a filling last year and it cost £25, its an NHS dentist and took me 2 years to find one so I am keeping hold of it...£50.50 is awful..I would complain and would want my money back if it came out so soon :shock:
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    Hmmmm. I can appreciate your point of view but I can also appreciate the dentist's side of things.

    I freely admit that I don't know how NHS dentistry works in terms of premises, heating, lighting, council tax, water rates et al let alone employing staff and the cost of kit but it must be similar to that of GPs, the difference being we don't 'pay' as such to see a GP (we do but the cost is hidden in taxes; then we pay a small fee in prescription costs) whereas with the dentist we have to shell out. I suspect that part of a dentist's fee is hidden within taxes but we have to make up the shortfall because it exists.

    People will happily pay for what they want or deem essential but when it comes down to health necessities we are, essentially, spoiled by the comparatively low cost of the NHS. We don't know the true cost of these things and that can be a bad thing. DD
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