OA of the foot and shoes

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Hello everybody
My name is natalie and Im surfering with OA on the top of my foot and big toes and as it worsen a lot this year, all my shoes make me in so much pain that it become very tough to walk.
I went to different shoe shops and tried many shoes without success until i tried the Skechers with memory foam soles.
They are like sleepers and for the first time in months i can walk olmost pain free!
Dont expect nice girly shoes as they are ugly (I hate trainers!) but so confortable and not too expensive. I paid 35 pounds.
Best wishes


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    I also have OA in the foot and often sore and swollen feet. I love walking and really miss it when I can't do it. I have also discovered skechers. They are extremely light, have good arch support, have good cushioning, come in wide sizes, and now they even have some more fashionable. I love mine and am able to walk as far as I want, not as far as my feet will allow :wink: Thank you skechers for my life back. Amazing what a good pair of shoes can do for you!
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    I'm another one with OA plus PsA in my feet. I have recently discovered Skechers but because I am an old bint, I no longer care about appearance. I top them up with my orthotics but, alas, I still need my crutches or rollator to get around. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    As well as having osteoarthritis I have plantar fasciitis. My podiatrist recommended fitflops and although they're expensive they certainly do the trick! I now have them in the flipflops, lace up deck shoe style, clogs and ankle boots. I've also found recently that I can't fasten buckle sandals as my knees won't cooperate :roll: :roll: