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I have my Access to work assessment booked for next Wednesday. I was just wondering if anyone has experience of this and has any advice/suggestions. I work as an Inclusion Manager in a primary school. I assume that as well as my office and work station they will be interested in the other areas I use as part of my role, meeting rooms, classrooms etc. Also should I take copies of things such as my most recent OH review which makes some reccomendations for duties I need to avoid.


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    I had one done a couple of years ago. The lady who came was very good. She asked me all about my role, my daily routines, work spaces, etc.. desk area, clinics, home visits. Then she asked me to talk her through how I `do` things at work and which things I found difficult due to my mobility issues etc..
    She then took some photos of me sitting at my desk etc to use a a benchmark for improvements.
    We received a very comprehensive report with lots of recommendations for equipment to help me. Then my manager had to arrange getting them through procurement, not cheap some things either!! but well worth it
    Good luck with yours
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    Thank you

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