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Hello everyone, I've been absent for what seems like eons so I've been reading and catching up on whats been happening on here, quite a few names I don't recognise :)

I've had a mixed bag of happenings here, it all started one morning when I woke up feeling so down :? for no aparent reason! then a few days later, one of my newest puskins (the diabetic one) was taken very poorly :cry: so off to the vet we went at breakneck speed to find out that he had an inflamed pancreas (the vet was so angry that he hadn't had this checked before I adopted him :x ) anyway, to cut a long story short he'd been on the wrong insulin since before I had him because of the poor diagnosis from the previous vet! :o Now he's on human insulin once a day, the dose is so tiny but, the change in him is amazing, more confidence, not quite so lathargic and getting bossier every day. He will need more regular checks but so far he's a different cat. :D

The sun is out now so I'm going to spend some time in the garden :D
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    Welcome back, doofer. I hope you enjoyed your garden time :)
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    Hello doofer
    And welcome back, sorry to hear about puskins ..its a good job you adopted it who knows what would have happened the poor little thing..glad to hear he or she is doing well...and I hope you are doing okish...yes a lovely day here sure it said rain :roll: