psoriatic arthritis

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Has anyone tried the Anti TNF drug Humira and had any side effects from this drug?


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    Hello Kully and welcome to the forum, I would post this in LWA..then you will get more reply's...sorry I cant help but there are quite a few people on Humira .
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    what is LWA and how do i get on it.
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    LWA is the Living with Arthritis board on here, you've posted on Chit-Chat: you'll see all the forums listed under the title Public Forums which you should see when you log in. Each board has a description under its title so you can see what to post where.

    I take humira and have done for four years. I know it's helping to control the disease but I don't feel any direct physical benefit from it because it is too little too late and I am riddled with osteoarthritis thanks to my joint damage. Those for whom it is making a god difference no longer post which doesn't help people like you. DD
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    Hi Kully. I don't take them as I'm still on DMARDS but, as Barbara says, quite a few on here do so just re-post on Living With Arthritis.
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    Did you find LWA Kully? I couldn't find a post. If you click on public forums at the top a list will pop up and Living with Arthritis is at the top. Just click on it and you can post (if logged in).

    I take Humira and the symptoms I tend to suffer from most is lots of coughs and colds so I have to take frequent breaks. Still I personally wouldn't be without it.

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    I've moved this thread over to Living with Arthritis, as already mentioned that would be the best forum for a topic like this one.

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    I have pa and tried humira. When I first went on it the results were amazing and I had no side affects. Would defo say it is worth trying if your disease is active