Got my knee drained!

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So for the first time in 5 years of having RA I got my knee drained on Friday morning! :o

Originally I was going for a steriod injection into the knee (which I have had done before) but the GP informed me that he would be draining my knee as well!

90mml of fluid came out of my knee! after which I received the steriod injection.

I was totally fine during the proceedure which lasted around 15/20mins, all be it a bit uncomfortable.
It was afterwards when the ansectic stopped was when I started to feel horrible.

Even now a couple of days later I am still feeling a bit yucky, but on the plus side I am moving around the best I have been in years.

Has anyone else has this done and seen any improvements?


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    Hello Debra I haven't had the procedure , make sure you rest between the walking could be you body feeling the shock of losing the fluid..hope you feel better soon..glad the getting around is easier... :)
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    I had this done regularly and yes, it does feel better after but it never lasted for me. My triple therapy is currently doing a good job of controlling the inflammation so I don't need it done. After the years I've spent taking the meds I know this won't last. :wink: DD
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    Much better if they drain it first. It stands to reason, doesn't it? I once had loads drained off mine. I do hope you get a fair bit of relief for a reasonable amount of time :)
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    I had it done around 10 years ago and it helped straight away. The procedure was a bit painful but I don't regret having it done at all.

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